1 Million Uplifting Moments: My Journey to Uplifting Runners

1 Million Uplifting Moments: My Journey to Uplifting Runners

Life at Google had always been a dream come true for me. Implementing cutting-edge technology in schools and businesses felt like a dream job. But there came a point when reality hit me hard. I hit a wall - burnout and a deep sense of being stuck in a never-ending cycle of work without a clear purpose. I was craving something to pull me out of this rut.

And that something turned out to be running.

In the beginning, I couldn't run more than a block without gasping for breath. But I refused to give up. Slowly, I started adding more miles, and with each step, I found a new sense of purpose and determination.

Running wasn't just about physical exercise; it became a way to prove to myself that I could overcome challenges. It taught me that I could achieve seemingly impossible things if I put my mind to it. The stress that had once consumed me began to decrease and I found myself growing personally and emotionally.

That's when the idea for "Pen and Paces" was born.

At Pen and Paces, our mission is simple yet powerful - to create 1 million uplifting moments for runners through our products. Every product sold equals an uplifting moment. This will guide us on our products, content and what we stand for.  We understand that being a runner is not always easy. That's why we're dedicated to making the journey a bit more joyful for every runner.

As I formulated this mission, I knew I wanted to make a broader impact on the running community and society at large. Giving back has always been a core value instilled in me by my family. Whether it was sharing extra food with those in need or making donations to charities, giving back was a way of life for us.

Today, as I build Pen and Paces, I want to ensure that this spirit of giving back becomes an integral part of our identity. In addition to our mission of creating uplifting moments, we’re pledging 5% of our annual profits to charity. 

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