About me


While working at a Bay Area tech company, I  found myself unfulfilled by my “9-5” and was terrified that I was not living my life to its fullest. I needed to fuel my desire to grow, learn new skills, and achieve ambitious goals. Running was an outlet that allowed me to push my limits physically and mentally, and gave me a tangible goal I could achieve.

At first, I feared I would fail miserably. I couldn’t run around the block without being breathless and keeling over. It was going to be a hard, tiring journey. Slowly but surely, with some self encouragement and persistence,  I ran farther and farther without stopping and eventually finished a half marathon and soon after a full marathon.  I was blissfully hooked. Running showed me that with any hard, daunting challenge in life, I could apply consistency, hard work, and a positive mindset and I could achieve my wildest goals. 

At Pen and Paces, I’m empowering women in running. Our products encourage women runners to achieve their biggest goals without fear.