How to Make Treadmill Running More Bearable: 5 Uncommon but Effective

How to Make Treadmill Running More Bearable: 5 Uncommon but Effective

Running on a treadmill can sometimes feel monotonous and uninspiring. However, with the right strategies, you can transform your treadmill workouts into an enjoyable and effective part of your fitness routine. Here are five uncommon but effective tips to make treadmill running more bearable and even fun.

1. Create a Virtual Scenery

One of the best ways to beat treadmill boredom is to create a virtual scenery experience. Use a tablet or a smart TV to watch videos of scenic running routes. There are plenty of YouTube channels and apps that offer virtual running experiences through mountains, forests, and cities. This visual stimulation can make your run feel more dynamic and engaging.

2. Incorporate Mindfulness Techniques

Mindfulness can significantly enhance your treadmill experience. Focus on your breathing, the rhythm of your feet hitting the treadmill, and your body movements. This practice can help you stay present and make your run feel more meditative and less tedious. Additionally, guided meditation apps tailored for running, like Aaptiv, can provide audio cues to help you stay mindful and focused.

3. Use Biofeedback Devices

Biofeedback devices, such as heart rate monitors or fitness trackers, can provide real-time data about your run. These devices help you understand your body's responses to different intensities and can motivate you to maintain or improve your performance. Seeing your progress in real-time can turn treadmill running into a game where you strive to beat your previous metrics.

4. Experiment with Treadmill Games

Gamifying your treadmill workout can add an element of fun and competition. Some treadmills come with built-in games, or you can use fitness apps that offer interactive challenges. For example, the app Zombies, Run! turns your run into a mission where you have to escape from zombies, collect supplies, and complete tasks. These games make your workout more engaging and exciting.

5. Try a Treadmill Desk

If you have a busy schedule, integrating work and exercise can be a game-changer. A treadmill desk allows you to walk or run at a slow pace while working on your laptop or reading. This setup helps you stay active without dedicating separate time for exercise, making it easier to incorporate movement into your daily routine. It’s particularly useful for professionals who spend long hours at a desk.


With these five uncommon but effective tips, you can make treadmill running more enjoyable and productive. By creating virtual scenery, practicing mindfulness, using biofeedback devices, experimenting with treadmill games, and trying a treadmill desk, you'll find yourself looking forward to your treadmill sessions. Remember, consistency is key, so find what works best for you and stick with it.

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