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Yell my name race bib topper kit!

Yell my name race bib topper kit!

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We have a NEW bib topper kit that helps give you the much needed energy boost during your race! You can use the kit to create a name bib to put on your shirt on race day.


You runners know when you hear your name from spectators or your family & friends that you get an extra pep in your step and a BIG smile on your face. Next time you get ready for that big race- whether it is a 5k or a marathon, don’t forget the name bib kit! 

-All the supplies you need in one kit
-Weatherproof and tearproof
-Get a smile on your face when spectators cheer you on by yelling your name

Comes with:

1) One weatherproof and tear proof bib (8.25 inch x 3.25 inches)

2)  Two sets of alphabet decals

3) Four safety pins

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